Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Please read the following terms and conditions relating to your use of this Website (www.lazynoon.hk ) and the products and services available through this Website carefully. By using this Website, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions and our privacy policy (www.lazynoon.hk/index.php/privacy-policy ). We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions and the privacy policy at any time. You should check these terms and conditions periodically for changes. If at any time you choose not to accept these terms and conditions, please do not use this Website. Access to this Website is permitted on a temporary basis, and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the Website without notice. We will not be liable if for any reason this Website is unavailable at any time or for any period. From time to time, we may restrict access to some parts or all of this Website.



Prohibited Uses


This Website and the Contents are the copyright of "Lazy Noon". You may store, print and display the content supplied solely for your own personal use. With that exception, their reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage, in whole or in part, is prohibited unless prior written permission has been obtained.  You must not use this Website or the Contents for any illegal purpose or in any manner inconsistent with these terms and conditions of use.



Third Party Links


Links to any external sites from this Website are for information only and "Lazy Noon" accepts no responsibility or liability arising from access to, or the material on, any site that is linked from or to this Website. Your use of the Linked Sites will be subject to the terms of use and service contained within each such site.





As a registered user of this Website, you may establish an account. Even if "Lazy Noon" uses reasonable efforts to protect information submitted by you, please do not reveal your account information to anyone else! You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your account and for all activities that occur on or through your account, and you agree to immediately notify "Lazy Noon" of any security breach of your account. "Lazy Noon" shall not be responsible for any losses arising out of the unauthorized use of your account.


"Lazy Noon" reserves the right to close an account if any user is seen to be using proxy IPs (Internet Protocol addresses) in order to attempt to hide the use of multiple accounts, or disrupts any of our services in any way.



Terms of Sale 


By placing an order you are offering to purchase a product on and subject to the following terms and conditions. All orders are subject to availability of the product and confirmation of the order price. Dispatch times may vary according to availability of product and delivery times are subject to any delays resulting from postal or courier delays, which we will not be responsible. 

In order to contract with "Lazy Noon" you must be over 18 years of age.  "Lazy Noon" retains the right to refuse any request made by you. If your order is accepted we will inform you by email. When placing an order you undertake that all details you provide to us are true and accurate.



Our Contract 


When you place an order, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail confirming receipt of your order. This email will only be an acknowledgement and will not constitute acceptance of your order. A contract between us for the purchase of the goods will not be formed until your payment has been approved by us and we have debited your credit or debit card.



Pricing and Availability 


While we try and ensure that all details, descriptions and prices, which appear on this Website, are accurate, errors may occur. We therefore reserve the right to correct any errors or omissions and to change information at any time without prior notice. We reserve the right to refuse to fill any orders that you may place based on information on the Website that may contain errors, including, without limitation, inaccuracies or out-of-date information regarding pricing, product descriptions, shipping, payment terms, or return policies.  If we discover an error in your order, and order need to be cancelled, you will receive a full refund.



Submission of Material


This Website may offer interactive features that allow you to submit materials (including links to third-party content) on this Website and viewable by the public. You agree that any use by you of such features, including any materials submitted by you, shall be your sole responsibility, shall not infringe or violate the rights of any other party or violate any laws, contribute to or encourage infringing or otherwise unlawful conduct, or otherwise be obscene, objectionable, or in poor taste. You also agree that you have obtained all necessary rights and licenses. You agree to provide accurate and complete information in connection with your submission of any materials on the Website. You hereby grant "Lazy Noon", royalty-free, nonexclusive license to use such materials as part of the Website service, without any compensation or obligation to you. "Lazy Noon" reserves the right to not post or publish any materials, and to remove or edit any material, at any time in its sole discretion without notice or liability.

"Lazy Noon" has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor any materials submitted by you, to investigate any reported or apparent violation of this agreement, and to take any action that "Lazy Noon" in its sole discretion deems appropriate, including, without limitation, termination hereunder or under "Lazy Noon" ’s copyright policy.











"Lazy Noon"擁有本網站以及所有內容的版權。你可以儲存,打印和展示本網站的內容, 但這些都只能僅供你個人使用。 如沒有任何事先協議的書面許可,禁止複製、傳遞、發送和儲存本網站以及所有內容。除了已獲得書面許可,你不得使用本網站或內容,或與這條款和條件不一致的任何方式,作任何非法用途。




在本網站中可能包含非由"Lazy Noon"營運的其他網站或資料連結,包括廣告商。"Lazy Noon"沒有審查連接至我們網站的所有網頁,對於任何網站的內容或準確性,"Lazy Noon"恕不負責,而對於其他網站或資料的可用性及私隱條款也不負任何責任,以及因使用此外部網站或所提供的内容、商品或服務而造成的或聲稱造成的或相關的任何損壞、損失或違法行為,不作任何保證或不承擔任何直接或間接責任。





要使用本網站向你提供的某些服務或功能,你將需要注册。"Lazy Noon"將會盡力保護你提交的資訊。閣下應該選擇一個獨特的帳戶密碼,並需保護密碼的安全。任何未經授權使用你帳戶的損失,"Lazy Noon"恕不負責。如果有任何違反你帳戶安全或未經授權使用你帳戶的行為,你必須立即通知"Lazy Noon"。

如有任何用戶試圖使用代理伺服器(互聯網協議地址),來隱藏使用多個帳戶,或以任何方式破壞我們的任何服務,"Lazy Noon"將保留取消該帳戶的權利。






你必須年滿18歲,才可在"Lazy Noon"下訂單。 "Lazy Noon"保留拒絕你提出任何要求的權利。如果你的訂單被接受,我們將通過電子郵件通知您。訂貨時請你承諾,提供給我們的所有資料都是真實和準確的。




在本網站下訂單後,將會收到一封電子郵件,確認你訂單的詳細信息。這封電子郵件並不表示我們接受了你的訂單,而是確認我們收到了該訂單。直到付款授權已通過, 此時銷售合同才會成立。











本網站可提供一個互動平台,讓你可以在本網站提交可供參閱的資訊(包括連接到第三方內容)。若你使用此網站功能, 你必須同意你提交的任何資訊,都是你個人的責任。不得侵犯或違反其他人的權利或違反任何法律,亦不可以促進或鼓勵侵權行為,或以其他方式發放淫穢,低俗趣味或令人反感的非法行為。你還須同意,在你發放資訊前, 你已獲得所有必要的版權許可。你必須同意在本網站提交的任何資訊或連結,是準確及完整的。
對於你提供本網站的一些非獨家授權資訊,我們不會承擔責任,亦不會負責或給予任何補償給你。 "Lazy Noon"有權不發佈、刪除、或編輯任何資訊的自行決定權,而不作另行通知。

"Lazy Noon"有權,但沒有責任, 監管你提交的任何資訊。調查任何經舉報或明顯違反本協議規定的資訊. 若有任何資訊有違返但不限於"Lazy Noon"的版權政策,"Lazy Noon"有權採取任何適當的行動。